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tide/edit recorded some multi-cam vids a few weeks back w/ Pinoytuner. Check out "Ten"!

(via tideeditmusic)

WATCH video of Lions and Acrobats LIVE at saGuijo. Truly a highlight of the June 2014 Manila trip!

WATCH Their Wedding performing Military Child at the Wine EP launch at Lot1cafe 07.30.2014!

tide/edit - Always Right, Never Left (Foreign Languages Launch, 06.14.2014)

Video shot by Project Vibe + LIFE2short Productions
Edited by Nlsn Villamayor

Foreign Languages available at:

(via tideeditmusic)

Watch the 1st 3 songs of Planes Mistaken for Stars LIVE at the The Echo!!!

If you’ve never seen Bombay Bicycle Club live, this KEXP performance is a good one to watch.

Recorded before the New Year at the LA Loves the Philippines benefit show, watch June Marieezy performing the opening track off her Virgo EP, Nowhere.

Audiotree strikes live performance gold yet again with their 01.12.2014 You Blew It! session.

Session Tracklist:
1 Medal of Honor
2 Award of the Year Award
3 Terry v Tori
4 House Address
5 You & Me & Me
6 Better to Best

In case you haven’t seen, Mansions Audiotree Live session is epic!

Session Tracklist:
La Dentista
City Don’t Care
Flowers In My Teeth
The Economist
Blackest Sky

Yuna performing "Falling" on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Something to smile about, TTNG performing "If I Sit Still, Maybe I’ll Get Out of Here" at Audiotree LIVE!

Watch Full Session Here!

LA peoples, mark your calendars! Quark Henares will be screening his film RakenrolThursday December 5th at Busby’s East. But wait, there’s more…

<S>andwich will be performing + Spazzkid

Really feeling Tycho these days…check out a LIVE KCRW performance of ”A Walk”.

toe performing "Past and Language"! 2/3 of the LIFE2short Productionscollaborative multi-cam shoot w/ Made of Chalk at Beat Kitchen Chicago.

Never expected such live music brilliance going into an underground Santa Monica parking garage. Here’s local Los Angeles outfit “WE ARE THE WEST" and a collective of musicians performing a solid cover of The Association’s "Never My Love". Captured w/ a Canon 60D, a 18-135mm lens, and a RODE Stereo mic.

Video shot and edited by Tony Rago

(C) 2013 LIFE2short Productions

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