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MUST LISTEN! Chocolate Grass has finally released their EP and it’s sooo nice!

fago.sepia - neuf

loving "neuf" by fago sepia track from l’ame sure ruse mal.

It’s a Pasta Groove kind of day…

Episode 11 of this feature length documentary provides the most intimate performance of Up Dharma Down in the film. This video has existed elsewhere on the web, but here is the feature film cut of the infamous practice footage of “Tadhana”.

Here is A Week In Metro Manila: Up Dharma Down Episode 12, “Tadhana”.

Kids These DaysBud Billiken (November 24, 2012 at The Vic Theater in Chicago)
Shot and edited by Austin Vesely

Kids These Days: Doo Wah

Listen to the Pixies inspired Doo-Wah by Chicago’s Kids These Days and download their LP “Traphouse Rock” for FREE:

Kids These Days: Summerscent
Saw these guys at the Nike AF1 30th Anniversary Party in Chicago recently, and they killed it!  They even did a track or two with the legendary “Sugarhill Gang”.

Check it!

I have fallen in love with FEEN's “Weeping Child”.

Thanks to SINOSIKAT? for using my modified write up for your Malasimbo Music & Arts Festival post :)

LIFE2short Productions discusses how Manila’s Hidden Nikki is creating a whole new type of Jazz, on

"Jazz 2.0:  Hidden Nikki


Hidden Nikki: Float With Me (Terno Inferno August 21, 2010)

Better late than never, here is footage I shot of HN performing my favorite track off of their debut album, “Found”.

Hidden Nikki: Making the Album (Episode 1)

Hidden Nikki Album Release Details (Feb. 3)

Nujabes - City Lights (featuring Pase Rock & Substantial)

“spin a record with a two week lifespan, couldn’t find a good girl so I hooked me a mic stand.”

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