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Love Vinyl?
VinylLove™ changes the way you experience music. It takes you back, to a time when you listened to your albums one by one, when you enjoyed every single track, in the order they where meant to be listened to. It even has that nice crackling sound you get from playing your old vinyl records.

If you know how a record player works, you know how VinylLove™ works. Lift the pickup, place it on the correct track. Want to skip songs? Well, use the pickup again. With a simple zoom function you will be able to place the pickup on the exact spot in a track.

All your albums stored on your iPad is automatically available in VinylLove™. All you have to do is go to your record collection and find the album you like. We have organized them all in lovely plastic crates – old school, just the way we like it. And don’t you worry about the fact that some of your albums don’t have nice covers. We have placed them in protective plastic folders so they won’t get scratched.


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